How to Setup Windows to Japanese

This small guide helps setting up windows to enable you to write japanese letters in internet explorer, word, notepad, and the like.

Windows 2000

The setup for Windows 2000 is different than for Windows XP, as Japanese is not part of the operating system. In windows 2000 the IME must be downloaded and installed. Click here to go to Microsoft's homepage and download.

Windows XP

Please follow the steps below, and you should be sure to get everything working.
All the example pictures are in Danish as I don't have an English version available - I hope they are still somewhat usable.

Step 1
Open the control panel:

Step 2
Select the language settings:

Step 3
Select the language tab and make sure that the asian language check box is checked.
Press Apply:

Step 4
Press the Details button, so that the keyboard layout are displayed.

Step 5
Now the installed languages and keyboard layouts are displayed.
Press the Add button to add a new language:

Step 6
Select japanese from the list of available languages (if Japanese is not available, then you have not completed step 3 correctly)
The keyboard layout automatically changes once Japanese i chosen. Press OK:

Step 7
Once you have returned to the details dialog, press the language toolbar button and check off the features you want to use.
Press OK when you are done:

Press OK to complete the settings. If you want to setup special shortcuts to change to a specific language then press the shotcut settings button. The default setting is to use Alt+Shift to change from one language to another. Press OK to complete the installation.

Verification in Word

Step 1
Open Word (or notepad if Word is not available).
Change the language to japanese with Alt+Shift.
Change the input style from "direct input" to "hiragana" using the language toolbar. Please note that the toolbar might not be floating as displayed in the picture, but might be located next to the taskbar.

Step 2
Write "tesuto" with lowercase letters and press the space bar when done. Word will then suggest alternative translations of the work. Select the katakana version as "tesuto" is the Japanese version of the English word "test":