This site

If you are hooked on Japan and Japanese, then you have come to the right place.
Feel free to browse around on the site, and try out the vocabulary quizes (see the menu to the left).
The purpose of the quiz is to expand your Japanse vocabulary. It can be run both with the Kana letter systems and with normal letters (Romaji).

Introduction to me

I'm a Danish Woman interested in Japan and Japanese. I've studied Japanese for about 6 years (intensively the last 2 years) and have travelled in Japan once for a month.
I hope that this site can become inspiration for more people to start or continue their study of Japanese.

More info

I'm expecting to make a travel guide from my travels in Japan. So far I've only had one journey of one months duration, but hopefully many more visits will enable me to provide a great guide over time!
The guide is still under construction. The current version can be found here: Travel 2007

More contents to this site will be available when I find something good to put here.

Suggestions are welcome - just mail me on the address below.